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Designed to compliment our line of equipment and help with orientation, lid checking, and many other custom applications.

HEISLERĀ® designs and manufactures equipment to help streamline your production line. Our engineering department has extensive experience in finding solutions to your custom packaging needs.

Inquire with our sales team to see what we can offer for your requests!

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Custom Engineered Systems


HEISLER has the capability of orienting containers based on the reading of a barcode, part of a label, handle, or some other distinctive witness mark and orient the container to a present location at speeds up to 25 containers per minute.

In addition, our Lid Placers have the available option to also orient the spout on a pail lid relative to the location of a pail handle, or label, to allow proper pouring of contents.


Over the years we have developed several of our own conveyors to lane, divert, merge, and handle containers of all sizes and shapes.

We offer our own complimentary packaging line integration to help meet any requirement for your packaging needs.


Some of our other special applications involve lid checking for both presence and a correct seal, visual inspection of containers to detect debris, date & batch code printing, barcode scanning, and much more.

HEISLER has always prided themselves on their ability to meet any application a customer requests, no matter the size or challenges.