The HEISLER Packers will erect a carton, load the product, and seal the carton with either hot melt glue or tape. They are utilized in industries - such as paint, petroleum, chemical and food to pack round and rectangular cans, jugs, and other types of containers.

Our Case/Tray Packer has corrugated cases advance along a walking beam to the vertical hopper where they are extracted and erected. Containers are fed from both sides of the machine along a dual infeed conveyor to the loading station. Pushers insert the product into the side load carton. The carton is then advanced to the final position where the flaps are taped or glued and discharged.

Our standard machine accurately orients the handles on one gallon paint cans at a 45° angle, into the corners of the carton. This protects the cans and handles from damage and creates a uniform square package

Our packers come in adjustable and fixed models and can accommodate pack configurations requiring both cases and/or trays. These machines can load cartons at speeds up to 28 cases/minute. Please give us a call to discuss your particular needs.