• We offer single source responsibility for design, engineering, controls,assembly, extensive testing, and installation of equipment.
  • We support all of our equipment through our Parts Department in Fairfield, New Jersey.
  • All service is performed by trained HEISLER employees.
  • Training classes are available at the HEISLER facility in Fairfieldor can be scheduled at your plant site.
  • HEISLER is always available for technical service, parts or futureenhancement of your system.


  • HEISLER has the capability to design, manufacture and install the systems and equipment necessary to establish cost effective, reliable, and efficient filling
    and packaging operations for companies worldwide.
  • Since we manufacture the majority of the components required for these installations, this puts us in a unique position to manufacture, assemble, service,
    install and support projects of almost any size.
  • Our turnkey experience in this field includes projects in the United States, Brazil, Taiwan, Korea, China, Canada, and many other countries worldwide.

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Heisler's Solar Array

We believe we can make a BIG difference!

At Heisler we are reducing our footprint by using solar power produced from our 109KWAC solar array since May 2012