Pail Stack De-Palletizers


The HEISLER Pail De-Palletizer, designed with reducing labor in mind, is an efficient machine capable of dispensing stacks of pails from a pallet.

The De-Palletizing sequence starts by placing a full pallet of pails on the De-Palletizer infeed conveyor. There are 2 staging positions before the De-Palletizing zone. The first station is where the stretch wrapping and top tray are to be manually removed from the pallet, or the customer can remove prior to placing on the in-feed conveyor.

With the push of a button, the operator will signla that the wrapping and top tray have been removed. The pallet will arrive at the De-Palletizing station, and rest against a stop gate. One by one, a guide and the stop gate will contain the stacks of pails as they are indexed off the pallet. When that row has indexed clear on the conveyor, the second row will be pushed off, and so on until the pallet is empty.

At this time, an optional tray remover will automatically lower down and retrieve the bottom tray off the pallet and dispense it into the tray hopper, while the pallet moves on into our pallet hopper. Both of these can be unloaded with a fork truck while the machine continues to operate. Once the pails are indexed onto the conveyor, they are staged for separation from a Heisler Pail Denester.


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Pail De-Palletizer