Product Lines Offered by Heisler Industries

Heisler Bail-O-Matics


Automatically forms and inserts bails (handles) onto metal and plastic containers.

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Heisler DeLidders


Quickly and efficiently separates the top portion of a container lid from
the locking ring.

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Heisler Denesters


Simplifies and automates the tedious, manual task of separating stacks of metal or plastic containers.

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Heisler Lid Closers

Lid Closers

Closes a lid onto an open, filled container.

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Heisler Upstackers


Upstacks full or empty nestable containers.

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Heisler DePalletizers


Efficient options for de-palletizing stacks of containers.

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Heisler Palletizers


Designed to automatically palletize various size containers at high speeds onto a pallet.

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Heisler Labelers

Labeling Systems

Applies labels on containers from 2 to 7 gallon; F-Style containers, cases, and water bottles. Cold glue, pressure sensitive and print & apply machines.

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Heisler Lid Placers

Lid Placers

Eliminates the need to manually
separate, orient, and place a metal or plastic lid onto an open, filled container with or without closing options.

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Heisler Case Packers


Packs almost any shape container in various pack patters into cases or trays,
and seals them using glue or tape.

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Heisler Conveyors and Integration

Packaging Line Integration

HEISLER is your single source for design, engineering controls, assembly and testing of your turnkey packaging line.

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Heisler Specialty Equipment

Specialty Equipment

Designed to compliment our line of equipment and help with orientation, lid checking, and custom applications.

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