Lid Placers

The HEISLER Lid Placers are designed to dispense, position and seal lids on filled containers. Our Lid Placers are available in models for plastic and metal containers, such as: Pails, Trays, Bins, Round, Cans, Buckets, Totes, Square, Tubs, Crates, Oval, Rectangular, Kits.

These machines come in fixed or adjustable models. For lids that require orienting, the Lid Placer can be equipped to orient a spout in relation to the handle.

Our Lid Placers can dispense up to 40 lids per minute. We have semi-automatic to fully automatic models available. Closer options include roller, traversing press, crimping, and screw-on. Please give us a call to discuss your particular needs.

For our Small Container and Standard unit, stacks of lids are placed and fed along a low level infeed conveyor to an elevator where they are lifted to the separating mechanism and fed down a chute above the pail/product conveyor. Lids are placed on the pails as they pass under the chute and move to the closer where metal lids are crimped and plastic pails are compressed or screwed for secure closure.